Skip for Sowenna

Skip for Sowenna

Over the next year we are encouraging school children to #SkipforSowenna. It is an opportunity to open up the conversation about mental health in schools, whilst raising vital funds for Cornwall’s first adolescent mental health unit. You can skip around the playground, skip as a class, or skip on your own.

Why should you get involved?

1 in 10 young people aged between 5 and 16 have a mental health disorder. Of that, 75% aren’t able to receive treatment.

Children in the South West have to travel hundreds of miles to receive treatment – away from family, away from friends – and signing up for this challenge will help raise funds for life-changing facilities. We believe this new unit will give young people a better chance of a quicker recovery.

All you have to do is fill in our fundraising form and share photos or videos of you skipping for Sowenna.

And if you don’t want to #SkipforSowenna, how about a #SwimforSowenna, or a #SprintforSowenna.

Make it an event

Physical activity is proven to impact positively on symptoms of depression and other mental illnesses and will form a core component of individual treatment plans. We want to encourage you to show your support to young people by organising a fundraising event.

Plan a date and time. Get your family, friends, and teachers all together. Maybe get some fancy dress outfits for the occasion. And start skipping! It’s important to show young people that they can call on those around them for support in their time of need.

When you’ve completed your skip, swim, or sprint, simply send us a snap of you in action, and we’ll send you a certificate for all your amazing efforts.

Send us your registration form today.

We can’t wait see all of your skipping.

Download these resources

Fundraising Registration Form

Sowenna Sponsor Form