It is Sowenna policy to keep your parents or carers informed of all important issues to do with your treatment your consent for us to share will always be sought. This happens on a strictly need-to-know basis and we will not disclose anything you have discussed with staff in 1:1 sessions or psychology sessions unless we have your permission.

We will also tell you’re referring GP and local Community Mental Health Team how you are progressing in treatment. Other than this all information is treated confidentially within the Sowenna team. We will only disclose information about you to other people outside the unit with your permission (or your parents’ if you are under 16).

The exception to this is if we feel that you, or any child you tell us about, are at serious risk of harm from others. We are then obliged to inform Social Care (previously Social Services). However, we will discuss this with you before we have to inform them. There are also certain circumstances when we may need to share information with other agencies; for example ifyou have committed a criminal act or are taking drugs on the unit, we may need to involve the police.