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Join us in getting creative by crafting, drawing or growing a sunflower.

With #SowennaSunflower we want you to be inventive and use any materials you have in your house to make some sunflowers, and if you have access to sunflower seeds, now is the perfect time to plant them. It is a great way to connect with your community and share with friends and family.

We want to be part of your progress, so send us a picture of your creations where we will share it on our social media channels and it could even be exhibited in our tent at the Royal Cornwall Show in June 2021.

Now more than ever we need to look after our mental health and spread some positivity. Sowing seeds and tending to plants is something that can have massive benefits to mental wellbeing, as well as using art as a form of expression.

'There is a wealth of research that highlights the impact of gardening on mental health and wellbeing. It allows young people the opportunity to connect with nature and to be in the moment, provides physical exercise, and a sense of purpose and achievement’ – Alicia Morse, Occupational Therapist at Sowenna

If you’re looking for something to do with your children, you need a break from working from home, or you just need to escape from the mental chatter, #SowennaSunflower is a great way to take a little breather.

Ways you can take part in Sowenna Sunflower:

  • Grow a sunflower
  • Paint a sunflower
  • Draw a sunflower
  • Bake a sunflower
  • Crochet a sunflower
  • Collage a sunflower
  • Origami a sunflower
  • Embroider a sunflower
  • Mould a clay sunflower
  • Get inventive with whatever you have in the house or the garden!

Take a picture of what you make, bake, draw or grow, and send it to us at

There are no restrictions or limits to what you create.

Stone and paper sunflowerEmbroidered SunflowerEggbox Sunflower