VR at Sowenna

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Virtual Reality (VR) projects which have a direct impact on patient care, education and training of staff are a growing area of innovation within the healthcare sector.

The Sowenna VR project consists of a partnership between CFT and Falmouth University with funding supplied by the Invictus Trust, The Carew Pole Charitable Trust and VerseOne Technologies. The project is developing an initial set of VR sensory environments to be used within a controlled area to reduce anxiety and stress. These environments would be adjustable and moderated and are being developed in co-operation with Young People Cornwall (YPC) who will provide the User Experience (UX) group. 

The project is being supported by a research study to determine whether the project has reached its desired aim.

The VR environments are expected to be launched on the unit in June 2020.

The short film below describes the design day held at Falmouth University for the Sowenna Virtual Reality Sensory Environments. Young people from across Cornwall came to together to experience VR and come up with the environments that the SERCH Project will be building for the Sowenna Unit.

Director/Editor: Gemma Wearing Sound: William Tanner

The short video below explains what we hope to achieve with the VR Project, our partners, timeframes and costs. watch with the sound on for a calming and relaxing experience.