Your Rights

At Sowenna we want to try and make your time as comfortable as possible. You have a right to request to be seen on your own. We will always try and accommodate this where possible, however, there might be certain times when this is not achievable, for example if for safety reasons we feel it would be best to have two people supporting you, or on the rare occurrence of staff shortages. You also have a right to ask to see a gender of your choice, again where possible, we will try and respect your wishes. Please be aware however we have a mixed gender staff group and some of our specialist treatments are only available through one person. What we can promise is we will try our best to get to know you and start to understand why it might be so hard to see multiple clinicians or certain genders. It is hoped this will allow us to support you better.

All Young people treated at Sowenna are treated with compassion, dignity and respect. This includes respect for a young person’s race, age, sex, gender reassignment, ma, sexual orientation, maternity, disability and social background.

Young people’s preferences are taken into account during the  selection of medication, therapies and activities and acted upon as far as possible.