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The bedrooms in Sowenna are not divided into ‘wings’ or sections with ‘male’ or ’female’ areas and we have ‘Gender Neutral’ Toilets within out Unit. This is to reflect the Gender needs in Society. We want you to feel safe and comfortable no matter what Gender you identify as and if you have any suggestions please speak with a member of staff to discuss your views.

Like everything we want to strive for excellence and acknowledge that we need to continually learn and improve. 

As a service we will be disappointed if a young person does not feel they have been offered gold standard care and will want to rectify this for the individual and future service receivers. We therefore welcome comments, compliments and complaints.

Your Bedroom.

All young people will have a bedroom of their own with an en suite shower room. There is also a bathroom with a bath for young people to use if they prefer.

With the exception of certain restricted items, you may choose what you have in your bedroom as long as you are safe and responsible with these items. Housekeepers will clean your bedroom, but you will be expected to keep your room, clothes, personal items and bed tidy yourself. Staff will be able to help you with this if necessary. You are not allowed to bring your own televisions or computers onto the unit.

There are lockers for each young person to keep belongings in.

Your room will be locked when you are on leave. All rooms can be locked from the inside but are accessible to the nurses who hold master keys. This is only necessary if there is an emergency.

Boys and girls are not allowed into each other’s bedrooms but there are lounges and common rooms on the unit where you can meet with others in your free time. You can watch TV, listen to music, read, play computer games, etc.

Carers and family members are also not allowed in the bedroom areas. There are meeting rooms for families and young people.

There is also a high dependency area on the unit which you may be admitted to if you are not able to manage yourself safely within the main part of the ward. Your admission to this area will be for as short a period as possible and reviewed regularly by the multidisciplinary team.

At times due to safety issues we may need to move your bedrooms. We will try to inform you of this prior to it happening.

Meal Times

Breakfast  8.30-9.00am                       

Lunch  12.15-12.45 pm                        

Evening meal 5.30-6.30pm  

Break Times

Morning Break  11.00-11.15

Afternoon Breaks 12.45-13.15,

 14.15-14.30 and 15.30- 15.45.

Families are asked to not call the unit during these times, unless in an emergency, as meal times should be a protected time for young people to engage with peers and staff.

You will have a choice of meals. If there are any foods that you can’t eat or you need a special diet, the dietician and nursing staff will help to formulate a meal plan with you that as far as possible, will meet your needs.

This information will be put on your admissions file so that all staff are aware.

The unit provides 24-hour access to food and drink. If the kitchen is locked, a member of the nursing team can unlock it for you. On admission it is important that you let staff know if you have any allergies e.g. nuts, penicillin etc. This will be included in your care plan and necessary precautions set in place.

Young people who are admitted for help with an eating disorder will follow the eating disorder programme (a separate leaflet describing this programme is available).