Available Resources

Spiritual and Cultural Needs.

Sowenna’s layout includes a ‘Multi Faith’ room. This room can be utilised to pray, worship, reflect and participate in religious practice. When the room is not in use, it will remain locked, but based on individual risk assessment and level of observation, young people will be able to use this room unsupervised for short periods of time.  

Young people can receive spiritual and pastoral care if they wish. Sowenna has a Chaplain who visits the unit regularly.  Patients can request to meet with her and this will be arranged. Chaplains are available for all service users of any faith or for those with no specified faith. The Chaplain can offer confidential listening and support. If they wish, patients will be put in touch with local faith community representatives and provided with resources to practice their faith during their stay.

Interpreter Service.

To ensure equality of access to health and social care services for all communities resident in Britain, services need to be appropriate and accessible. Therefore Sowenna has access to an interpreter service if required, please speak to a member of our staff for more information or alternatively pick up a leaflet from reception.

Support with Gender needs.

We have from the interior and layout of Sowenna. If you feel that you would like more suffort with any difficulties you may be having regarding Gender, please speak to a member of staff that you feel comfortable with and we can assist you into linking you in with other services or charities that may be able to provide support.